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Commercial, Personal Injury and Employment Litigation

When business moves into the courtroom, clear, compelling and visual testimony is often the difference between winning and losing. Making the complex understandable is the key to success in litigation. That’s why so many law firms turn to White Zuckerman for litigation services and expert testimony. White Zuckerman’s commercial, personal injury and employment litigation practice analyzes economic damages, provides forensic accounting, identifies fraud, provides liability analysis and presents expert testimony on our findings. With our dedication to diligent research, our understanding and attention to detail of financial records, our knowledge of the changing business environment, and our proven communication skills, we’re a lawyer’s greatest resource in all areas of commercial, personal injury and employment litigation.

Commercial Litigation

We are experienced in providing simple, easily understood analysis and testimony to facilitate your case. White Zuckerman and its

commercial litigation

commercial lititation

professionals have been analyzing damages, providing forensic accounting, investigating fraud and quantitatively analyzing liability issues, and testifying on our findings for over 30 years. Our expert witnesses know how to intelligently and concisely present conclusions through testimony and graphical exhibits, enabling juries and/or a trier of fact to properly assess liability issues and damage awards. The commercial practice also performs consulting services in litigation and non-litigation matters.

Types of Matters and Services

Personal Injury and Employment Litigation

White Zuckerman and its economic and accounting professionals have been analyzing damages in personal injury and employment matters and testifying on our findings for over 30 years, presenting our conclusions concisely and simply to triers of fact.

Types of Matters and Services

Additional Services

In addition to performing the above services in commercial litigation and personal injury and employment matters, White Zuckerman sometimes assists attorneys by identifying relevant documents to request in discovery, reviewing documents, performing preliminary analysis for settlement discussions, identifying weaknesses in opposing experts’ analyses, writing deposition and trial questions, and preparing trial exhibits. White Zuckerman also performs consulting services in non-litigated matters, including valuing businesses and real estate, fraud investigations, and financial and strategic planning.

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