Business Expert

Representative Engagements

White Zuckerman has extensive experience over a broad range of matters. A few examples of representative engagements in which we have assisted our clients are:

  • In a trade secrets case involving senior executives who resigned from a food container manufacturer and started up a competing business, taking employees, business and information on customers with them, White Zuckerman calculated the manufacturer’s lost profits and testified in court on our findings.
  • In a breach of contract case involving real estate appraisal of a gas station with an easement, White Zuckerman valued the highest and best use of the property and testified at trial.
  • In a dissenting shareholder dispute over management of a high technology entertainment company, White Zuckerman valued the company and the dissenting shareholder’s fractional interest.
  • In a fraud matter involving an automotive franchisor, White Zuckerman traced funds taken by some of the management/owners and quantified the fraudulent activity. We testified on our findings, presenting the results in a simplified and visual manner.
  • In a breach of contract arbitration involving two well-known adult entertainment companies, White Zuckerman calculated damages due for using titles of videos and testified on our findings.
  • In a construction defects claim involving a hotel and casino, White Zuckerman calculated the cost of remediation to fix the defects and the lost profits during the delayed opening. We worked with construction managers to identify other reasons contributing to the defects, cost overruns and delay, and accounted for damages proximately caused.
  • In a bankruptcy matter involving the development of a top-rated golf course, restaurants and multi-million dollar home development, White Zuckerman determined the appraised value of the real property and business operations.
  • In a trust, breach of fiduciary and elder abuse matter, White Zuckerman accounted for the amounts wrongfully taken by the trustee and testified in court on our findings.
  • In a patent and trademark infringement claim involving a leg massage chair, White Zuckerman calculated damages resulting from infringement of the manufacturer’s patent and mark and testified at trial on our findings.
  • In a construction defects claim involving a big box retailer, White Zuckerman calculated the cost of remediation and appraised the lost value of the real property, since some of the defects could not be permanently cured, and testified at arbitration.
  • In a criminal matter involving the theft by an employee of master recordings from a well-known entertainer, White Zuckerman quantified and testified in criminal court on the value of the stolen assets.
  • In a breach of contract case involving primary care physicians who terminated their contracts with an Independent Physicians Association (IPA) and entered into semi-exclusive contracts with a competing IPA, White Zuckerman calculated the damages related to lost health plan members.
  • In a criminal case involving stock option pricing in a high technology company, White Zuckerman analyzed and testified regarding stock prices before and after the stock option grants and analysts’ interest in stock options.

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