Leading and running your business will involve so many moving parts. It is a complicated endeavor which requires careful balance and great expertise. As an executive or business owner, one business trend you ought to consider is outsource accounting, which places accounting professionals to work so you have more time to grow and maintain […]

When you start developing your retirement strategy, no matter your age, it is essential to consider several key factors, especially if you have a complex financial portfolio. Here are some thoughts and questions we like our clients to consider during our initial consultation with them: What are your current income streams Where do they come […]

Businesses which significantly improve, construct, or acquire a building — or did so within previous years — ought to consider a cost segregation study. It might permit you to accelerate depreciation deductions, thereby decreasing taxes and increasing cash flow. Plus, the possible benefits now are even greater because of enhancements to specific depreciation-associated breaks underneath […]

Another year is quickly coming to a close and it’s time to address planning opportunities aimed towards reducing your 2016 income tax liability.  Therefore, while you are decking the halls and preparing the eggnog we recommend that all of our clients invest a few hours before year-end to project their 2016 taxable income and reflect […]

FINANCIAL PLANNING IS FOR EVERYONE You are cordially invited to an open house to celebrate the launch of a new Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Service to be provided by WZWLH Wealth Advisors, LLC Date: Wednesday October 26, 2016 Time: 5:30 to 7:00 Location: WZWLH office – 4 Park Plaza, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92614 […]

Our recent blog post Year-End Planning 2015 (posted on December 4, 2015) mentioned the possibility of some upcoming tax extender legislation.  Sure enough, on December 18, 2015 the President signed the bill.  Known as the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) ACT, it made permanent or further extended many of the more than 50 tax […]

UPDATE: The basic principles of this article can be applied to any tax year. Make sure you check for any changing tax laws and consult a tax professional. It’s time to address planning opportunities aimed towards reducing your 2015/2016 income tax liability. We recommend that all of our clients invest a few hours before year-end to […]

History For obvious reasons the United States Treasury is interested in identifying individuals who have interests in foreign financial assets. In 1970 Congress enacted the Bank Secrecy Act which included requirements for filing an annual Foreign Bank and Financial Account (FBAR) report (originally known as Form TD F 90-22.1).  The Treasury Department created the Financial […]