Marital Lifestyle Analysis

The controlling factors in the determination of a spousal support order for trial often boil down to an assessment of the ability of the supporting spouse to pay versus the calculation of the needs of the supported spouse. Even when the ability to pay dictates the amount of support, a marital lifestyle analysis is still a valuable analysis to complete, to establish a ceiling base on a permanent support order. Later, when modifications of support come before the court, the marital standard of living becomes invaluable. If the marital standard of living is not prepared until a subsequent modification hearing in a long term marriage, gathering the required documents necessary to prepare the analysis may become problematic. Documents are misplaced or are no longer accessible to the parties. We can provide a marital lifestyle analysis while the documents are readily available, to prevent a future problem from occurring.

Our professionals are able to prepare a marital lifestyle analysis, using either a simplified method, known as a subtraction method (based on current case law), or a detailed analysis, using bank and credit card statements and other relevant records. Having this analysis completed will prove invaluable when the issue of support is considered at the time of trial.