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White, Zuckerman, Warsavsky, Luna & Hunt, one of the leading forensic accounting firms, brings much more than accounting expertise to our clients. We provide value-added services such as locating and verifying hard-to-find financial research while in a court-imposed time crunch; providing clear, credible analyses despite complex fact patterns; conveying our results with easily understood testimony and graphics; offering business and personal tax planning advice that achieves substantial tax savings; identifying fraud and consulting on ways to prevent fraud; and assessing financial strength and getting a company back on it’s feet.

By breaking down complex financial and economic analyses into digestible documents, we help attorneys accomplish more and focus their efforts where needed. By providing individual and business clients with the latest information on changing tax laws and new planning opportunities, we minimize their tax liabilities. By offering unique, creative ideas that often suggest new strategies, we give our clients a competitive edge.