Every year when the new DissoMaster software is released, I like to examine its contents to see if anything was substantially changed. Throughout the year different groups may ask me to present a DissoMaster instruction program to their employees. Having new content is like adrenaline to an athlete; it piques my interest and spices up an […]

I am often approached by attorneys wanting to know what the story is behind the “B-key” that they hear about in preparing DissoMaster calculations. As you may know, DissoMasterTM is one of several programs that calculate spousal and child support based on user input of income, deductions, and adjustments. Typically, after the inputs are made, […]

Calculating Child Support in Divorce by Warren Sacks, CPA, CFF   When in a court process or litigation, child support is calculated based upon a formula that includes income, itemized deductions, tax filing status, child support add-ons, and each parent’s percentage of time when they are with their child or children. The formula is CS […]